Photos from the Launch Party

We unveiled Dale's Fried Pies' mobile pie stand at a small launch party on Sunday, August 12th in the backyard of our wonderful friend Lila. Folks dropped in throughout the afternoon to sample a bunch of flavors, including rosemary peach, banana nutella, green chile chicken, pineapple with coconut run cream cheese, vegan curried sweet potato, raspberry lemonade, chipotle mac 'n cheese, PB&J and shitake egg roll.  We enjoyed music by the lovely Gillian Oaks, Steven Bacon & Kendra Kinsey, Liz & Tim, Walker Marema and our first Dale's Fried Pies Awesome Girl Squad inductee, Graham Marema.  We even had a little visit from the local news.  It was a great way to get feedback on people's favorite flavors and test out the pie stand in the real world.  Since the launch party, Dale's Fried Pies has been busy busy busy bringing the stand to various festivals, and working on new flavors (most recently, the "Elvis," banana bread and apricot). Check out some photos of the event below (taken by the lovely Amy Smotherman-Burgess), and like us on Facebook for even more photos!