Dale's Fried Pies at Market Square Farmer's Market!

At long last, we're pleased to announce we will finally be debuting our pies at the Market Square Farmer's Market this Saturday, September 29th!  We're extremely excited to be joining such a great group of farm, food and craft vendors.
This day will be doubly exciting because our proceeds will go to Graham Marema, our first inductee to Dale's Fried Pies Awesome Girl Squad!  We can't wait to see (or, more accurately, hear) what Graham will produce!
We won't be there every Saturday because of prior pie events and travel commitments, but check us out on the following days (and look at our Calendar page for a full list of where you can find the stand):
Sep 29
Oct 27
Nov 10
Nov 17
Dec 1
Dec 15
Dec 22