Art For The People

Dale's Fried Pies has some amazing people working with us behind the scenes.  We are particularly drawn to artists, who understand what it is to be passionate and inventive in the things you create and share with the world. 

Beth Meadows is one of our favorite artists, and she moonlights as a pie server and dough mixer when she's not making art, writing thoughtful blog posts, and selling architectural salvage.  She currently has her art hanging at the fabulous coffee spot Old City Java, and she's doing something very special with this show.

She calls it Art For The People, and she describes it here, but the general gist is that she wants the people who appreciate her art to be able to buy it.  So she's accepting your offers, as large or small as you'd like to make them.  Stop by Java, take a look at her stuff, and make an offer.  Don't be shy!