Fried Pie Pattern from Vicki Designer

Since we started, Dale's Fried Pies has relied on social media to spread the word about what we offer, where we'll be selling and how to get in touch with us.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been our only forms of advertisement, and these tools have been extremely useful in helping us communicate with our awesome customers and peers.  

Even so, there are still times that I get quite disenchanted with social media and it's capacity to bore, polarize, distance and alienate us.  Since opening Dale's Fried Pies, I've used these social media platforms primarily as business tools.  However, once in awhile I'll make a connection that reminds me that these tools can also inspire creativity and collaboration and can be truly social.

I'm not sure how I started following Vicki Designer on Instagram, but last week, when I saw she was working towards designing a pattern for each week in 2013, I was excited to watch this creative challenge unfold.  I wrote that she should consider creating a pattern with fried pies and/or rolling pins, and she did!  It was a fun connection to make and I absolutely love the cute-as-pie pattern she created. 

You can read more about her process, download a freebie pie pattern and buy an entire pie collection here.  Thanks Vicki!