Knoxville Love

I was flipping through my journal yesterday, and came across this list I made a few months ago detailing things I love about Knoxville.  Unsurprisingly, it's pretty food-centric, but it made me happy so I thought I'd share it.


Why I love Knoxville:

  • how easy it is to meet people
  • the rosemary in the dry rub on the wings at Flats & Taps
  • the way Johnny comes over to chat on his break from running karaoke at Toot's
  • scooping bulk herbs from the bins at Three River's Market
  • the way the mountains rise behind downtown as I drive to work in the morning
  • the way the vendors greet one another in the mornings at the Market Square Farmer's Market
  • Dave's perfected pitch as he sells his salsa, the brightness with which the Cruze Farm girls take my order, the fresh spiciness of the brussels sprouts from Tootsie Truck and the perfect not-too-sweetness of the Savory and Sweet Truck's apricot iced tea
  • Meg's tattoos at Java, which is tied in with how much I love their iced coffee