The NotWedding in Nashville

We are gearing up to be a part of some fun wedding celebrations during late summer and fall.  We love parties, and we love love, so weddings are one of our favorite events to cater. So you can imagine how much fun we had at The NotWedding in Nashville this July.


In case you're not aware, The NotWedding is a bridal show alternative in the form of a big, fake wedding.  "Wedding guests" are couples-to-be who enjoy a quick ceremony, a tasty dinner, and a dance-party reception while truly experiencing the wedding vendors in action.  It's a brilliant event that allows guests to really see how flowers will look on tables, how food will taste during an event, and how vendors perform during an actual event rather than at a bridal show that bears no resemblance to a party. Guests also have the opportunity to talk to each vendor throughout the course of the evening, much like a tradition bridal show.


We served fried pies "cigar-girl style" at Nashville's first NotWedding event.  Our plan was to walk around the venue and offer guests a selection of apple, strawberry wedding cake, and chipotle mac & cheese fried pies, but when we walked into the venue with our pie trays, we were swarmed immediately and the pies flew off the trays.  There was very little walking around, and the pies were definitely a hit!

We met some great folks, fabulous vendors and had such a great time, we'll be serving our pies at the next NotWedding event in Atlanta on Sunday, August 18th.  

Tickets available here.