Customer of the Week

It's customer appreciation month at Dale's Fried Pies!  We have the most enthusiastic, kind and supportive customers we could ask for, and so it only seems appropriate to let you all know how much we care.  Each week in September, we're going to highlight some of our most die-hard pie fans.  We're also going to be offering up some fun giveaways via Facebook, Twitter and our blog, so stay tuned!  

Our featured customer this week is Jack Neely! Here's a little more about him: 

Name: Jack Neely

Hometown: Knoxville

Number of Years You've Lived in Knoxville: 35 in a row. About 49, if we include large portions of childhood. 

Occupation: Scrivener

Favorite Things to Do in Knoxville: Wander afoot and buy surprising food from talented people. 

Favorite Pie Flavor: That's the only difficult question in this interrogation. Right now I'd have to say the one I had today, Spinach Artichoke, but it also had some wonderful Mediterranean-tasting cheese in it, too. But don't expect me to answer that question consistently.