Awesome Girl Graham Marema

In an effort to promote awesomeness in and beyond Knoxville, Dale's Fried Pies wants to support the creative projects of awesome girls. That’s why four times a year, we’ll donate one day of profits from Dale’s Fried Pies mobile pie stand to an awesome girl applicant to help her follow through with a creative project. I'm so happy to introduce you to Graham Marema, our first inductee into Dale's Fried Pies' Awesome Girl Squad, and my new favorite musician.  Read on for Graham's description of herself and her project.  We'll keep you posted on her progress after she receives her grant from our profits from September 29th's Market Square Farmer's Market.

Graham xs

I have been writing and performing my own music for about five years, but have never gotten the chance to publish my own CD. Both of my parents are folk musicians, so most of my music tends to lean toward a folk-like genre, but as I’ve matured in writing style I’ve tried to branch out and try new things with my songwriting. With the money from Dale’s Fried Pie Stand I would create and produce an album of all original songs; the expenses in this project include album artwork and professional duplication services, which can get pretty expensive. I would love the chance to be able to publish my own work and explore what I can do with this passion. Growing up in a family of musicians means that music has been important to me since I was a little kid, and I more recently discovered that making music might be the thing I want to pursue in college and beyond—however many times I’ve been warned that I’ll never make money that way. Music making is such an ever-changing, essential, and prevalent art; I would love to be able to become a part of it.

You can Listen to Graham's music here!

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