Food Trailer for Sale- $7,500

Small (12L x 4W x 10H) trailer, fully rebuilt in 2014- new floors, walls, electric, water system, fan, etc.

I have a preference that this trailer stay in the Knoxville community, so if you live in Knoxville, I’m much more likely to negotiate pricing and to provide a reduced rate to use the commissary kitchen at The Central Collective.

Asking $7,500. Contact or 865-236-1590 with inquiries.


  • -City Food Truck Program and Knox Country Health Dept approved! (But I’ve let the license lapse so it will have to be reinspected)
  • -Full water system with fresh and gray water tanks + water heater for hand wash sink
  • -Draws very little power- can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet (120v)
  • -Equipped with commercial fan
  • -Comes with three drawer-warmer to keep hot foods at proper temperature
  • -“Deck” space in back for grill, smoker, etc.
  • -Super compact, no wasted space!


  • -No 3 compartment sink, range, or hood
  • -No counter space (but could be added)
  • -May need new tires soon
  • -Light, easy to tow
  • -Small! great for a petite person but my 6ft husband has a hard time moving around inside.